Circea: the science of personalized behavior change

Leverage behavioral science to drive your product strategy

Building on over 20 years of expertise in the science of personalized health behavior change, Circea guides clients in threading the needle between evidence and commercial need.

Products and Services

Product Development & Strategy

Circea helps increase the efficiency of your product development (and increase ROI) by applying behavioral medicine to increase adherence and retention and help you deliver outcomes.

Content Strategy

Circea guides you through the design and execution of a personalized content strategy to support behavior change.

Evaluation Strategy

We plan and execute evaluation strategies that demonstrate the value of your products and services. With decades of experience in protocol development and data science, Circea can make sure your plan matches your needs and budget.

Scientific Advisory Board Sourcing and Management

Circea will source the scientists, manage potential conflicts, and manage the board to make sure that your company is receiving value. For scientists, we align your expertise to companies genuinely interested in leveraging the best science in their product development and make sure your time is valued.

About Us

Behavioral medicine shows personalized solutions are stickier. Circea will help you leverage the best science for an efficient and effective product strategy that builds on sustained engagement and measurable health outcome improvement.

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense.

Circea is led by Dr. Kate Wolin. Dr. Wolin is a successful entrepreneur and internationally-known behavior change scientist.

Not sure what you need, or how it fits with your current roadmap? We’re here to help you create and execute on the strategy that best meets your needs.


Chicago, IL

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